Michael Goodman

The Good Man for the Job: Libertarian Party Representing the 27th District

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Michael Goodman

We support the following:
-Stricter regulations on Government spending
-Increased relaxation of taxes on Home Owners and would-be homeowners.
-Privatizing Social Security
-Timely transfer of power in Iraq, and quick withdraw of occupation. Continued search and dissmantlment of Al Quedia and Afghani militants
-Protection of the Constitution in it's entirety.
-The preservation of the 2nd Ammendment to all law abiding Americans
-Decriminilaztion of small amounts of Cannibis
We object to the following:
- An Ammendment to the constitution banning Gay Marrige.
-Increased militant alliances
- Outwardly focused Military
-Inreasing Import and Export taxes
-Exporting American Jobs overseas
-burdening tax payers with Government overspending


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