Michael Goodman

The Good Man for the Job: Libertarian Party Representing the 27th District

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Top Issues

Limitation of Government spending- The overuse and underachievement of the American taxpayers dollar is inexcusable. Billions of dollars are lost and or misused everyear, with no positive results being evident. Rather then correct the Goverments mistakes and re-access their spending plans our Leadership chooses to pass the burden onto tax payers. It is becoming increasingly harder for an American family to afford homeownership in America, and that is a direct result to the misuse of tax payers money. By limiting the use of Federal funds, and re-accessing the current spendings we could get better results without passing the burden to the American taxpayers. Quick transfer of Power in Iraq- The fight has been fought and we need to encourage a quick transfer of Power to Iraqi forces and withdrawal of American Occupation. Our men and women in the armed forces have done what was asked of them, and that is commedable, however it is a disservice to them to keep them in harms way when their job could be done and they could be home. Better Education Plans- Standardized testing has taught us nothing and brought nothing to education. Under achieving school districts are being rewarded for unsuitable efforts. There need to be increased attention paid to individual teacher assessment rather then whole picture views. Health Care- Relaxation of taxes so families and seniors will be able to receive affordable healthcare. Seniors are relying on Medicare and Social Security more and more to provide for their medications, but these programs are poorly run. We need to look ahead to future generations so this will not forever be an issue, while we continue to focus on ways to protect and take care of the people today.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Michael Goodman

We support the following:
-Stricter regulations on Government spending
-Increased relaxation of taxes on Home Owners and would-be homeowners.
-Privatizing Social Security
-Timely transfer of power in Iraq, and quick withdraw of occupation. Continued search and dissmantlment of Al Quedia and Afghani militants
-Protection of the Constitution in it's entirety.
-The preservation of the 2nd Ammendment to all law abiding Americans
-Decriminilaztion of small amounts of Cannibis
We object to the following:
- An Ammendment to the constitution banning Gay Marrige.
-Increased militant alliances
- Outwardly focused Military
-Inreasing Import and Export taxes
-Exporting American Jobs overseas
-burdening tax payers with Government overspending